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Quantify for accountants

Quantify is a great tool for accountants who want to create a more efficient way of delivering R&D tax services.

We believe that advisers add most value at the outset of the R&D journey, when the client doesn’t know how R&D claims work, and needs help identifying which parts of their business qualify.  Once a company knows how the system works, what records to keep and what qualifies in the context of their business and their industry, the adviser’s role can become more supportive than advisory.  By educating and enabling clients, accountants can build a great relationship with their clients. 

At the same time, this can free up the technical R&D advisers to spend more time working with companies that have not made R&D tax claims before.  Remote reviews by technical staff means they spend more time playing to their strengths, and client-facing staff can go into meetings armed with a draft R&D claim to discuss.  

Quantify is a fantastic platform for managing the claims process for companies that have made previous claims, offering:

  • Differentiated pricing and service levels for mature R&D clients;
  • Efficient claims production process;
  • Reduced manual data entry by advisers;
  • Consistent report format;
  • Reduced risk of human error;
  • In-year visibility of claim value;
  • Ability to match review process with workload.

Quantify’s pricing model is designed to offer clear, fixed fees to the end client.  

How do accountants get paid for referring their clients to Quantify?

Similar to other software based businesses, we offer a discount to accountants that partner with us and the size of discount increases depending on the number of clients that the accountant manages through the system. 

Accountants with a proven track record in R&D can join our partner program, under which they carry out the reviews for their clients and they keep the fees that apply to that element of the service (i.e. we keep the platform-only fee).  We offer accountants a flexible level of support, so that they can keep more of the fees on claims that they lead, and we keep more of the fees on claims that we lead. 

We also work with some firms on a white-labelled basis, offering a platform accessed through a client R&D portal, with reports tailored to match their house style.  This is offered on a per-seat basis. 

How is Quantify different to other R&D claims software products?

✓ We are SaaS

Quantify is software as a service (SaaS) so we charge a monthly fee rather than a percentage of the claim value.  We don’t charge a ‘success fee’ because we’re a claims management platform, not a gamble. Our fees are usually paid by clients that value the system, rather than being an additional cost to accountants.   

✓ We are trusted

Quantify is a firm of Chartered Tax Advisers run by experienced advisers, not marketing people.

✓ We empower clients

Our software supports the clients taking more of a role in the record keeping aspects of their claim, rather than being a tool to help accountants with the calculations.

✓ We take the guesswork out of R&D claims

Our claims are not based on sliders or assumptions. The salaries that are claimed are based on records created using a proven phone-based time tagging method. 

✓ We are modern

Rather than just replicating the traditional process on a digitial platform, Quantify takes advantage of the technology to create a better process – through better records, in-year visibility of the claim value and shared creation of the narrative.  

✓ We are transparent

We are open about our processes and our fees.  We don’t pretend that there is any IP in claims reports that mean we can’t share them with accountants, clients or HMRC. 

✓ We are focused


This is all we do.  We’re not an accountancy firm looking to provide other services to your clients.

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