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Simon Briton CEO

Quantify’s mission is to help enable innovation in UK businesses.

Our founder, Simon Briton, set us on this path because he gets really excited about innovation and the impact design-thinking has. Simon’s background is as a tax lawyer. His cv reads like a sign of a wasted youth but back in 2000 he started working with companies like, yahoo, moonpig, vodafone, etc – people doing things differently.

R&D tax relief is an area that Simon specialised in from when they were first introduced so he brings 20 years’ experience to the party and is one of the most experienced technical advisers in the sector.


Make R&D claims easier and more robust

There is something else that drives Quantify too. Having looked hard at the R&D tax claims industry over the last 10 years, it has become obvious that there is a better way of doing things. By embracing technology, we’ve redesigned the R&D claims process with a focus on digital-first and user experience. We’re not just trying to use technology to replicate the existing process; we’ve looked at how the process can be improved and then used technology to help us achieve it. Design-thinking in action.

The problems that we identified when we spoke to businesses were that they couldn’t budget for their R&D claim as it was so often put together as an afterthought to the accounts. There were also a lot of people feeling uncomfortable that their claims were based on assumptions and vague recollections of things from months ago. HMRC is also unsurprisingly uncomfortable about this too. You wouldn’t just guess at other figures on your tax return and so Quantify’s aim has always been to develop a mechanism to properly qualify R&D claims. That is the confidence and certainty that our software led approach brings – putting the right tools in the right hands at the right time.


Innovative pricing

The final problem that we wanted to solve was how might we help people make more of their R&D claims. That one was easy. By keeping fees low, our clients keep more of their R&D claims. If you’re not paying 15% of your claim to someone to do the calculations for you, the amount you keep is 15% bigger than it would have otherwise been. This also takes away the temptation some sales people suffer when they’re putting claims together, where they base claims on inflated assumptions to get a bigger fee. The system is there to divert tax payers money to help grow the economy, not for a few R&D tax advisers to feather their nests – we’re helping restore that balance.

Welcome to Quantify.

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